about me...

Hello, I'm Gary! As a guitar player with a background in electrical & mechanical engineering, I started modifying guitars over 20 years ago, just to see what would happen. This led to an interest in how & why different types of material or pickups made guitars sound different or unique, which then led to studying how & why acoustic guitars make the sound they do, different construction techniques & bracing, & an attempt to fully understand the working of the instrument.

I discovered you can't fully understand them, each one is unique. This then made me think about amplification, designing & building specific amplifiers, with tonal characteristics based around the guitars I had built, & understanding how thermionic valves can affect in a positive way the amplified sound of a guitar.

I now use the knowledge I've gained to repair & modify all types of stringed instruments, vintage pedals, valve echo machines, amps, pretty much anything. But I won't do tubas. Haven't got the space!

Setting the stage for TRAMPOLENE