Welcome to gary hodgkiss guitars & amplifiers

Maker, repairer & restorer of all types of musical equipment, based in South London.

Amp not sounding how it should? Guitar not playing how it used to? Just want a new set of strings put on? Or maybe you really want a unique one off pedal or amplifier that no one else has? You're in the right place!
I can carry out repairs to all types of musical equipment & instruments to the highest standard, plus certify them as safe to use in live gigs, rehearsals or for practicing at home. Send me a message!


Due to the increasing amount of work I'm getting from record labels, I have to change the business name from Longview, to my own name, Gary Hodgkiss guitars & amplifiers, makes it easier to get paid.....Still the same me though!

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handmade valve amp

Custom twin amp made for Jack Jones of TRAMPOLENE

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Valve amps a speciality!

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valve bass amp

Custom made valve bass amp made for Wayne Thomas of TRAMPOLENE